Global Poker

Want to play poker? Now, not only do you not have to physically visit a casino, but you can play online poker either for free or cash prizes at Global Poker.

Global Poker first opened its doors in 2017 and serves all players in the United States (except Washington) and Canada (except Quebec). It is the premier and unique online poker room that offers sweepstakes and chances to play and win prizes that you can cash out.

Bonus: 100% Free No Purchase and First Purchase Bonus

As a new player to, take advantage of two welcome bonuses.

To begin with, receive a free Sweeps Coins package worth $20 when you verify your account.

Then, when you are ready to purchase any of Global Poker’s packages, get a package worth $40 for just $20.

Please note: You do not need a bonus code; simply use our links.

First Purchase Freeroll for New Players

To sweeten the pot, Global Poker offers new first-time purchasers a private SC 1,000 freeroll that runs every Saturday at 3 p.m. ET. Receive the special token for purchase of any amount and then enter the freeroll. It is important to note that you only have two Saturdays to take advantage of this special offer.

Why Play at Global Poker?

There are two big advantages to playing online poker at

  1. Global Poker is open to players across the continental United States (except Washington) and Canada (except Quebec). In addition, the company aggressively advertises on Google, Facebook and Instagram due to its sweepstakes model. This means that the majority of the player population is made up of recreational players.
  2. In the interest of promoting player fairness, Global Poker does not allow HUDS or third-party software. What’s more is the site hides players’ names in the hand history.

Signing up for an account at Global Poker

Truly, it cannot be easier to sign up for an account at Global Poker. The online poker operator offers three convenient methods:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Email address

Registering via Facebook

Just follow these straightforward steps to register via Facebook:

  1. From the Global Poker registration page, choose the “Sign up with Facebook” option.
  2. Then, simply enter your Facebook email along with password.
  3. After a successful Facebook log in, choose the “Continue as [Name]” which then directs you to the Global Poker platform.
  4. Type in a preferred screen name (minimum of five characters) and your country. Read and then accept the terms and conditions by ticking off the boxes.
  5. Finally, click on the “Play Poker Now” button.

Account registration with Google

It’s a cinch to sign up with your Google account:

  1. Once you are on the Global Poker registration page, select the “Sign up with Google” option.
  2. Then, fill in the form. Your email address and password are not necessary, as Global Poker will use your current Google credentials.
  3. Make sure to review and accept the terms and conditions of Global Poker by checking off the boxes.
  4. Once Global Poker verifies your Google account details, you are ready to play some poker.

Manually registering your email address

If you decide not to use your Facebook or Google account, you are still able to create a Global Poker account manually.

  1. At the registration page, enter the email address you want associated with Global Poker and then choose a secure password (minimum eight characters). Then, click the “Next” button.
  2. Choose your desired screen name (minimum of five characters) and the country.
  3. Review and accept the terms and conditions of Global Poker, and when finished, check off the boxes.
  4. Finally, click the “Register and play now” box.

Account Verification at Global Poker

Because the sign-up process is so painless and quick, Global Poker prefers for players to take a few moments to verify their accounts. The important reason is confirmation to Global Poker that players are real people, to deter fraudulent activity and maintain a safe community.

There are two simple and easy steps to account verification:

  • ID verification: Upload a selfie and a copy of a photo ID to your player account. Simply go to “Account” from the menu drop-down window located at the top left of the Global Poker webpage. Also, you can access this section through “Redeem Prize” at the store window, which is located at the top right of the Global Poker webpage.
  • Address verification: Send either a current state-issued driver’s license or government ID, a bank statement, utility bill or government letter issued within the past six months.

Please note the following requirements:

  • All four corners of documents submitted must be clearly legible and include name, address and date.
  • Documents cannot be previously modified and/or tampered with.
  • No writing, drawing or alterations.
  • Maximum file size is 5 MB.
  • All selfie photos need to be clearly in
  • No using flash
  • Preview and double check all photos and documents before sending.
  • No filters on photos.

Account verification typically takes around five days. Then, it takes another five days in order for redeemed prizes or cash to be processed and entered into the account, although this is a one-time process. Future cash-outs are processed much more quickly, almost instantly.

Benefits to account verification at Global Poker

Verifying your account unlocks two important benefits at Global Poker:

  1. Increased limits on purchases: Read on for more about Gold Coins, which are considered the currency of Global Poker. Essentially, Gold Coins purchased by a new account are limited. When the account is verified, however, your limits are increased and you may purchase any Gold Coin package you desire.
  2. Chance to win real prizes: With account and bank account verification, redeem your Sweeps Coins and get other opportunities to play for other cash prizes. Sweeps Coins may possibly be given to players who purchase Gold Coins. In addition, get Sweeps Coins free through other alternative methods.

Gold Coins, the Global Poker Currency

In order to play poker and eventually cash out, you need to convert your funds into Gold Coins. Thus, the main currency of Global Poker is Gold Coins, considered a social currency. Global Poker claims that Gold Coins cannot have any monetary value nor are they redeemable for prizes. Again, the company states that this is why Global Poker is a legal online poker operator.

Upon any new account creation, Global Poker awards 5,000 Gold Coins for free to play and try out any poker game formats. However, if you want to play at higher stakes, there is the option to purchase various Gold Coin packages in the Global Poker store.

Sweeps Coins versus Gold Coins

Firstly, Gold Coins are required to play on specific Gold Coin tables. As stated above, these are virtual chips or a social currency that are not redeemable for real money.

Certain players can receive free Sweeps Coins after purchasing Gold Coins. In other words, Sweeps Coins are sweepstakes entries.

Remember: Unlike Gold Coins, which can be purchased, you cannot purchase Sweeps Coins. These are also available for free with other alternative methods.

Sweeps Coins are used to enter SC cash ring games or tournaments. Finally, if you win Sweeps Coins by playing with Sweeps Coins, these are redeemable for prizes and real money.

Essentially think of GC as play money and SC as cashable. The monetary conversion rate is 1 SC to $1 US.

Note: A minimum amount of 50 Sweeps Coins is required to redeem prizes.

Purchase options at Global Poker

Global Poker is one of the very few online poker operators to not only accept credit cards, but not have issues (typically it is the issuing merchant or bank and not the online poker operator) in declining transactions.

The reason for its success in accepting credit cards is the use of a proprietary payment processor called WorldPay. Therefore, Global Poker accepts three major credit cards:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express

Thus, although Global Poker does not currently use PayPal, WorldPay essentially provides the same service. In addition, the ability to accept American Express (Amex) cards is truly a perk that most other online poker operators do not provide.

Skrill, an e-wallet, is also an option for banking at Global Poker. In fact, Global Poker notes on any payment page with Skrill that the e-wallet does not recognize Gold Coin transactions as gambling purchases.

Lastly, Global Poker, itself does not charge any fees for credit card purchase, but your bank may charge foreign transaction fees.

Redeeming at Global Poker

Interestingly enough, redeeming at Global Poker is beyond a doubt unique. It is the only online poker operator to allow you to cash out directly into your checking account via bank transfer.

The typical processing time is around three to five business days. However, Global Poker states that it may take up to 10 business days.

For now, it is the only redemption option, and we would like to see Global Poker add more options in the future. However, currently it is hard to argue with the speed and processing time of receiving redemptions.

Review of desktop software

We can’t speak enough about Global Poker’s 100% browser-based software system. Simply speaking, all you need is a new open window or tab in any internet browser. This makes Global Poker the easiest and most convenient online poker room.

You no longer need to wait for updates on a poker software client. Just load it and go play!

The minimalist user interface with enticing graphics is like icing on top of a cake. Although Global Poker software lacks some of the more advanced filtering features, we still found it refreshing to use, as too many features can be overwhelming.

Overall, we never experienced crashing or lagging on the web-based browser. Honestly, we found ourselves wondering why more online poker operators do not offer browser-based poker clients.

Review of Global Poker mobile

Global Poker works on any phone or tablet that has mobile browser capability. Our main concern is how multi-tabling on mobile would run. In essence, this is our biggest complaint at most other online poker rooms.

However, our fears were unfounded. Global Poker on mobile easily loads and runs very smoothly across multiple tables. Also, there are buttons located to the left side of each table to alert you of impending action at other tables.

Finally, the best part of the browser-based client is we did not have to waste any space on our phones for another poker application.

Review of Poker Games at

Global Poker may not offer all the various types of poker formats and games as other online poker operators, but its traffic is pretty robust. Given the plentiful traffic, it is easy to find action. However, the caveats here are that true high stakes, aka nosebleeds, are not offered, and you will not find some of the lesser known variants of poker such as stud, badugi, 2-7 triple draw, 8-game mix, etc.

Formats of poker games at

  • Hold ’em
  • Omaha
  • Crazy Pineapple

Types of limits for poker games at Global Poker:

  • No limit (hold ’em and Crazy Pineapple)
  • Fixed limit
  • Pot limit (Omaha)

About ring games at

Notably, forget about playing Crazy Pineapple for Sweeps Cash. It is only accessible for play money, aka the GC.

Hold ’em ring games at Global Poker

In addition to No Limit Hold ’em or Omaha, you have the option of choosing full-ring (nine players) or tables of six max. This means there are no true heads-up tables available. On the other hand, Global Poker knows its player base well because you are likely to find at least one cash table running at every stake regardless of No Limit Hold ’em or Omaha, from lowest to highest stakes even at off-peak hours.

Finally, although full-ring tables are offered, by far most players prefer the six max tables.

Available stakes for No Limit Hold ’em run from SC 0.05/SC 0.10 to SC 10/SC 20.

Also, available stakes for Pot Limit Omaha run from SC 0.05/SC 0.10 to SC 10/ SC 20.

Multi-table tournaments at

Global Poker takes us back to online poker around a decade ago before Black Friday. The reason for this nostalgia is around half of tournaments offered have a deep structure with no re-buys or add-ons. While re-buys and add-ons allow an online poker operator to hit guarantees and offer larger prize pools, they often give more skilled players a disadvantage.

Global Poker runs various promotions throughout the year and tournament series. For example, there is an annual Rattlesnake Open series that runs during the month of May with huge guarantees and trophies. Also, in partnership with sponsoring Kurt Busch’s NASCAR vehicle, the online poker operator runs various promotions involving his races.

Below, here are some of the major highlights of Global Poker’s tournament schedule:

  • Sunday Scrimmage: This is the flagship No Limit Hold ’em tournament that runs weekly with a SC 50,000 guarantee every Sunday beginning at 5:30 p.m. ET. Either buy in directly for SC 218 or qualify through satellites.
  • Weekly Bonanza SC 5,000: On Sundays at 4 p.m. ET, this tournament has a guarantee of SC 5,000, and the buy-in is only SC 0.11. However, the requirement to qualify is seeing 500 flops during the week, although these 500 flops can be at either GC or SC tables.
  • Daily Bonanza SC 500: See 50 flops on any given day, qualify for this tournament running daily at 9 p.m. ET with a buy-in of SC 0.11. Again, you can qualify through either GC or SC.

Sit and Gos at

The best part of playing Sit and Gos (SnGs) at Global Poker is it really does not take long for any given SnG to fill. It appears that there are always active SnGs running even at off-peak hours. It is slightly more difficult to play Omaha SnGs, but again, we always found active tables, especially at low stakes.

  • Pot Limit Omaha SnGs: with buy-ins ranging from SC 1.1 to SC 22 and options for turbo, hyper-turbo, six-max and heads up.
  • No Limit Hold ’em SnGs: with buy-ins ranging from SC 0.25 to SC 218 and options for turbo, hyper-turbo, six-max and heads up.

Jackpot Sit and Gos at

Interested in fast paced action? Jackpot Sit and Go tournaments may be just the ticket. Essentially, it is a three-player max with a hyper-turbo structure. Once the Jackpot SNG starts, a random prize pool/jackpot amount appears. Play up to four at a time.

Available stakes range from:

  • SC 0.5 with jackpot up to SC 1,000
  • SC 2 with jackpot up to SC 4,000
  • SC 6 with jackpot up to SC 12,000
  • SC 12 with jackpot up to SC 24,000
  • SC 20 with jackpot up to SC 40,000
  • SC 50 with jackpot up to SC 100,000
  • SC 100 with jackpot up to SC 200,000

Surge at

This relatively new poker format is fast-fold poker. Basically, when you fold your hand, you are moved immediately to a new table for the next hand. This means you do not need to wait for the hand to play out.

At least three players need to sit in order for Surge poker to start. Currently, Surge only runs No Limit Hold ’em poker at stakes of SC 0.02/SC 0.04 and SC 0.05/SC 0.10. These games do not always run; it appears that SC 0.05/SC 0.10 is slightly more popular and runs during peak hours.

Customer Support Review at Global Poker

Currently, there is only one form of customer support. However, it is available 24/7, so there is no downside to that. Simply email [email protected].

When we tried reaching out to support, emails received a ticket number and quick responses from five minutes to 10 hours for a more complicated question. Although customer service was quite helpful, in the future, we would like to see a live chat or phone support option.

About Global Poker

According to Global Poker, it is a social poker room and runs on a sweepstakes business model. Remember that you purchase Gold Coins, which have no monetary value, and are theoretically given free Sweeps Coins or sweepstakes entries. These SC are then used to enter poker sweepstakes that you can eventually cash out.

This makes the only online poker room that is legal across the United States. The parent company of Global Poker, VGW Holdings, even applied for a patent for its proprietary business model.

In addition, Global Poker is licensed officially by the Malta Gaming Authority and is an official sponsor of the Kurt Busch NASCAR car.