Circa Sportsbook Review

Updated April 2021
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It’s always exciting when a new player enters the markets, and Circa’s move into Colorado has certainly got people talking. With a reputation for low-hold betting, this sportsbook is an ideal addition to the fledgling CO sports betting market. Indeed, with a growing reputation for excellence among high rollers, there’s a strong chance Circa will become the go-to name for seasoned bettors in Colorado in the coming years.

Of course, that’s not to say the casuals will be forgotten. In fact, part of this company’s ethos is the personal touch. To show you what we mean, we’ve put together a Circa Sports CO review. Well, in reality, it’s part review and part preview. At the time of writing, the Circa Sports app wasn’t live in Colorado.

However, we’ve reviewed what’s on offer in Nevada and used that to think about what the Centennial State app will look like. So, to help you prepare for this operator’s impending launch, here’s our Circa Sports review.

Circa Sportsbook bonuses and promos

Circa Sports isn’t afraid to do something different when it comes to bonuses and promotions. In fact, it’s not scared of going big when it comes to added value. As you’ll see later in this Circa Sports review, there are ways to get more for less when you sign up. However, in terms of specifics, we don’t know what the Circa Sports welcome bonus will be.

To be competitive in any sort of way, it will need to look at what other operators are doing elsewhere in the US. For example, in New Jersey, FanDuel is giving new customers up to $500 in risk-free bets. Similarly, Fox Bet is offering up to $1,000 worth of extras. Although the market may be different in Colorado, there are certain conventions Circa will be expected to follow.

In practice, this means the Circa Sports Colorado welcome bonus is likely to feature some sort of free bet or deposit match. If the promo team wants to try something different, it might go for some sort of cashback or risk-free offer. However, our experience tells us that you should expect something within these parameters.

Beyond that, reload bonuses, enhanced odds and free bets are also likely to come as standard at Circa Sports CO. Again, these are industry standards that Circa can’t afford to ignore. One specific we can point to is vig-free bets. Although we can’t guarantee you’ll get these in Colorado, we know they were available in Nevada. Used as a way to generate action during the sportsbook’s initial launch, vig-free bets piqued the interest of seasoned bettors.

We may see the same tactics used in Colorado. In fact, as we’ll discuss later on in this Circa Sports review, high-volume customers are a particular focus for this company. So, based on that, something like vig-free bets would work well in Colorado.

Online sportsbook: Circa Online Sportsbook

Online SportsbookCirca
CO Bonus CodeN/A
Bonus OfferN/A
Legal StatesNevada, Colorado
Online Since2019
Last UpdatedApril 2021

Loyalty rewards at Circa Sports Colorado

We know that Circa Sports Nevada is linked to Club One. This offline loyalty scheme is open to patrons of Golden Gate Casino, The D and Circa Casino in Nevada. Although the online system has been tweaked slightly, it’s basically the case that you can earn points for placing bets. In turn, you can trade these points for bonuses and comps that can be used at all Circa affiliates, including on the mobile app.

With that being the case, Circa Sports CO should have a similar system in place. Its live partner in Colorado, Century Casinos, has its own loyalty scheme. Known as the Century Casino Players Club, it features two tiers and allows players to earn one point per dollar wagered on slots. Additionally, every $2 wagered on video poker will release a reward point. Then, through the URComped system, players can exchange points for comps.

Given that Circa and Century Casinos will be working together, it’s likely they’ll find a way to integrate the loyalty scheme and the app. How that will work is unclear at this stage. However, it’s likely to mirror the existing product with additional contribution weightings added for sports betting.

Available sports at Circa Sportsbook

When it comes to sports, Circa loves football. To make Circa’s app more appealing to gridiron fans, Nevada residents have been able to take part in Circa Sports Million. This football contest allows bettors to buy in for a set fee and pick five football games against the spread each week.

The top finishers at the end of the season win a share of the prizepool, with the top prize being a guaranteed $1 million. That’s a fantastic promotion and one of the reasons Circa Sports has become a hot pick for high rollers.

This level of value should be available in Colorado, which means football fans will have plenty of reasons to download the app. Beyond any pigskin-based promotions, you can expect betting lines for the following sports at Circa Sports Colorado:

Betting options on the Circa Sportsbook app in Colorado

One of the things Circa Sports will hang its reputation on in Colorado is limits or, more accurately, no limits. Even though Colorado casinos have a $100 maximum stake, no such rules apply to sports. Circa’s bosses plan to take full advantage.

At this point, we know it recently accepted bets as big as $100,000 on the heavyweight boxing bout between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder. In practice, it’s likely that six- and seven-figure bets will need to be agreed upon with the sportsbook ahead of time. However, this is common practice around the world. The important point is that they’ll be available.

For the average customer, agreeing on bets ahead of time won’t be necessary. Indeed, if you’re someone who usually wagers a few bucks, Circa Sports will, effectively, be a no-limits betting site because you’ll never come close to any sort of maximum.

As a selling point, this could really help Circa stand out from the crowd. Even if it can’t match the likes of William Hill and BetMGM in terms of promotions and software, it can compete in this area. In fact, we think Circa will surpass its rivals when you factor in its commitment to low-hold sports betting.

Speaking to Legal Sports Report, operations manager Mike Van Ermen said Circa’s hold percentages are, on average, lower than the rest.

“All things being equal, we think our product will win out. We really hang our hat on our hold percentages and the fact that it’s much lower on average than all of our competitors,” said Van Ermen.

In simple terms, the hold percentage is the margin a sportsbook takes on either side. Basically, from all the money collected, paid out and taken by the house, you get to the hold percentage. As a bettor, you want the percentage to be as low as possible. Why? Because it means the amount paid out will be better. In other words, a lower percentage means the house is taking less vig.

To support the claim that Circa Sports could have better hold percentages than its peers, we can look at the WGC Mexico golf tournament. For this event, the average hold percentage at New Jersey’s top sportsbooks was 40%. At Circa Sports, it was just 15%. That’s a significant difference and one big-money bettors would really benefit from. Therefore, when you combine the lack of betting limits with low hold percentages, Circa Sports CO could easily become the Centennial State’s go-to platform.

In tandem with generous betting conditions, you can expect these types of bets when you join Circa Sports:

  • Outright win bets
  • Point spreads
  • Futures wagering (Circa will offer “yes/no” options for these markets, something that should make it easier for novices to enjoy this type of bet)
  • In-play betting
  • Player props

Of the above, Circa Sports Colorado really plans to push its props menu. It will change on a regular basis and give consumers the chance to speculate on a variety of individual and in-game outcomes. From the number of points a player will score to the total number of fouls committed, you’ll have the opportunity to speculate on tons of situations.

For us, props are great because they allow you to focus on specifics rather than generalities. Any time you can be more specific, it helps to give you better odds. Moreover, it allows you to use your superior knowledge in a particular area (assuming you have it).

Circa Sportsbook app

In Nevada, Circa’s digital sportsbook is only available as a mobile app. In other words, you can’t make bets via your desktop device. Of course, in a changing world where mobile usage is increasing every year, this really isn’t a problem. In fact, as we move forward, more people will be placing bets via their smartphones than computers. So, on that basis, Circa’s team has developed iOS and Android apps.

The former is available directly through the Apple App Store. The latter has to be downloaded via Circa Sports’ live partner, Golden Gate Casino. How this process will work in Colorado is unclear at this stage. However, we expect Circa to launch its own dedicated website in the state. This means you should be able to follow our Circa Sports sign-up link, find the right option for your device and start the download process.

Simplicity and efficiency personified

In terms of design and aesthetics, we know what to expect based on what’s available in Nevada. As a relatively new name on the scene, this operator has clearly focused on functionality and betting options first. Of course, over time, we’d expect the app to be refined. This could result in what you might call “fancy” features being added to the mix.

However, for now at least, the platform gets straight to the point. In practice, this means the software provided by Stadium Technology only gives you what you need. Once you’ve logged in, there’s a list of sports set on a blue and white background. From there, you click on the option that suits and you’ll see another list of betting lines.

Each set of odds is grouped under a relevant date, and you’ll be shown the competition, competitors and three betting lines. To place your bet, you tap the odds. Simple. This saves the bet to your slip, which is represented by the ticket icon in the top right of the screen. Finally, you can call up your virtual bet slip and enter your stake. Here, you’ll see your potential returns before you confirm or remove your bet.

No-fuss navigation

To go back again at any point, all you have to do is tap the “<” symbol. We’ll admit, this system as a whole is basic. However, depending on your perspective, this can be seen as a positive or a negative. In some ways, it’s great. Having the ability to dip in and out with the minimum amount of fuss is perfect.

Sports betting is often about timing. Therefore, the faster you can make a bet, the better. However, we can’t ignore the fact that mobile sportsbooks have evolved over the years. For example, if you check out William Hill, you’ll see it contains a lot more features. Added extras such as statistics, live streams and betting tips all contribute to a modern mobile experience.

To compete with the bigger brands, Circa Sports may have to incorporate some added extras moving forward. However, we go back again to the idea that this operator wants to provide an intimate, no-fuss experience. To achieve that, stripping back the app is necessary. Yes, it’s great to have a wealth of supplementary features. However, these can often distract from the real reason you logged on: to place a bet. Circa Sports is all about pure, unadulterated betting and, in many ways, the mobile app personifies that.

Banking options at Circa Sportsbook

If you’re happy to embrace the ethos that simplicity and intimacy matter, you’ll already love Circa Sports. However, if you’re on the fence, the way you pay could tip you one way or the other. In Nevada, at least, you can only fund your account in person.

Will the same system be used in Colorado? At this point, we don’t know. Honestly, we hope it’s not because it would make the process a lot less efficient. We do know that the system used in Nevada is due to state regulations. Basically, customers have to register in person and make an opening deposit of between $50 and $100. This isn’t necessary in Colorado.

Therefore, if you want to join Circa Sports Colorado, online registration should be possible. In turn, this should make online deposits and withdrawals possible. Naturally, you’ll need to be old enough (21+) and allow the geolocation technology to verify you’re within state lines. Assuming that all checks out, you should be able to complete transactions online.

Naturally, any mobile payment options will be secure, and Circa will hold your money in protected bank accounts. So, you shouldn’t have any worries on this front. What’s more, all processors will be regulated by financial conduct agencies. Some of the payment options you can expect to see are:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • e-check
  • In-person at Century Casinos Colorado

Circa Sportsbook customer support

As a licensed and regulated operator in Colorado, Circa Sports must provide direct access to support. Alongside an FAQ, you should be able to contact customer service agents via phone, email and live chat.

About Circa Sports

Circa Sports Colorado is set to go live at some point in 2020 under the Century Casinos Master License. The company itself is based in Nevada, where it currently operates offline sportsbooks inside two Las Vegas casinos, Golden Gate and The D. Additionally, Circa is planning to open its own casino and sportsbook in Las Vegas. Using these foundations, it launched a mobile betting app in 2019.

Thanks to the company’s initial success in Nevada, operations manager Mike Van Ermen has said the plan is to expand. Colorado was chosen as the first state outside of Nevada to launch the brand. When it goes live, it will offer a full suite of mobile sports betting options and promotions for iOS and Android users aged 21+ within Colorado state lines.

Final thoughts

Circa Sports CO probably won’t be the slickest or most attractive mobile betting app in Colorado. However, that doesn’t mean you should dismiss it. Firstly, if you’re a fan of simplicity and accessibility, you can expect this operator to come through strong. Secondly, when it comes to odds and overall value, Circa Sports could be up there with the best.

In addition to no cap on the amount you can stake, charges will be kept to a minimum. This means you can get more value from your bets. In fact, when you throw in promotions and contests with prizes topping $1 million, it’s easy to see why Circa is gaining a reputation as the place to be if you’re a seasoned sports bettor.