NHL Betting In Colorado

5/27/20 Update: The NHL on Tuesday announced the “Return To Play Plan,” in which its regular season would conclude, and 24 teams would compete for the Stanley Cup.

Thanks to the Colorado Avalanche and one of the country’s biggest youth hockey scenes, the Centennial State features many National Hockey League fans. For these reasons, NHL betting resonates with Colorado natives.

Each online sportsbook listed offers lines on professional hockey. They also boast impressive bonuses and promotions.

This guide discusses more on the Colorado NHL betting market, including legal requirements, registration, banking options, bet types, and more.

Best Colorado NHL betting sites

Plenty of online/mobile betting sites serve the Centennial State. The best of the bunch are available below.

SportsbookLaunch Date
William HillMay 1, 2020
FanDuelMay 1, 2020
Wynn ResortsMay 1, 2020
Circa SportsMay 1, 2020
DraftKingsMay 1, 2020

Getting started with Colorado NHL betting

Colorado doesn’t feature many barriers to getting started with hockey gambling. Nevertheless, any prospective bettor should know the following aspects.

1. Must meet the age requirement

State laws require gamblers to be at least 21 years old to legally place bets. Sportsbooks help enforce this stipulation through two ways:

  1. Customers need to verify their birthdate upon registration.
  2. Customers must go through additional verification steps upon making their first withdrawal.

2. All  bets must be placed in Colorado

The Colorado Division of Gaming requires bettors to be located within state boundaries. All relevant wagers placed outside of The Centennial State are illegal.

Hockey betting isn’t legal on a federal level. Colorado, as well as other states, must keep their sports gambling markets confined to their own borders.

3. Register for an account

Bettors need to complete registration at any new CO sportsbook they wish to use. Each bookmaker’s signup process is roughly identical.

They all want pertinent information, including one’s name, email, phone number, address, birthdate, username, password, and social security number (last four digits).

Once completed, a bettor needs to submit their details for approval. This approval should come instantly as long as the person is of age.

4. Deposit

The Colorado betting market features a large number of banking methods. Here are the deposit options found across this state’s market:

  • ACH (e-check)
  • American Express
  • Discover Card
  • Mastercard
  • Neteller
  • PayNearMe
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Visa

Colorado NHL betting apps

Each Colorado hockey betting site differs on whether or not they feature an app. The following information explains the reasoning behind these differences along with how to use such mobile betting apps.

Android & iPhone compatibility

Operators that feature apps do so for both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) users. That said, gamblers with iPhones, iPads, and Androids can look forward to placing mobile wagers in this market.

Downloading apps

Android apps are featured on the homepage of Colorado mobile sportsbooks. One simply chooses the correct link to begin the download.
Bookmakers may include links for an iOS app on their homepage too. The difference, though, is that such a link will lead to the relevant App Store page.

Browser based gambling

Sportsbooks without apps offer browser-based betting to Android and/or iOS users. Browser-based gambling calls on one to place wagers through an internet browser.

It’s almost the same thing as using a betting app. However, browser-based gambling does include the following differences:

  1. No download is necessary.
  2. One must fire up their internet browser before every gambling session.

Why do some sportsbooks not offer apps?

Google Play doesn’t allow US-facing gambling sites to feature apps in its store. Apple does allow real-money gambling apps in the App Store.

However, Apple also requires developers to code in the native iOS programming language. This process is a more expensive and time consuming.

Available NHL bets in Colorado

The Centennial State offers plenty of different types of wagers. Here are the main bets available in Colorado.

Puck line

A puck line is very similar to point spread bets offered in many other sports. They key difference, though, is that it deals in increments of 1.5 goals.

Here’s an example:

  • Winnipeg Jets +1.5 (-190)
  • Colorado Avalanche -1.5 (+155)

Winnipeg is the underdog in this matchup. However, they can lose by one goal and still deliver a successful wager. As a result, they only pay $100 for every $190 wagered.

The favored Avalanche must win by two or more goals for a successful bet. Therefore, they pay like an underdog at $155 for every $100 risked.


A moneyline is a straight-up wager that handicaps both teams to make them each attractive from a betting perspective. The favorite pays less per dollar wagered, while the underdog offers more.

Here’s an example:

  • Detroit Red Wings +190
  • Montreal Canadiens -235

Detroit is paying $190 for every $100 risked on a successful bet. Montreal only delivers $100 for every $235 wagered.


An over/under (a.k.a. totals) refers to betting over or under the combined goal total of two hockey teams.

Here’s an example:

  • Columbus Blue Jackets vs. New York Islanders
  • Over 6.5 (-115)
  • Under 6.5 (-105)

Gamblers who take the over want New York and Columbus to score more than seven goals. They can win $100 for every $115 risked.

Those taking the under want the Islanders and Blue Jackets to score fewer than six goals. They stand to earn $100 for every $105 wagered.

Prop bets

A proposition (“prop”) bet involves an outcome that’s not directly related to which team wins. For example, a prop wager may call on gamblers to guess which player will score the first goal.

Prop bets aren’t in abundance during the regular season. However, they become more prevalent in the playoffs and, especially, the Stanley Cup Finals.


A parlay calls on gamblers to combine two or more outcomes into a single bet. These wagers pay more relative to standard bets, such as a puck line or over/under.

However, they also require gamblers to correctly guess each outcome in a parlay. Any wrong guess results in the entire bet being lost.

Grand Salami

The “Grand Salami” is a unique hockey bet that offers an over/under on the entire day’s goals. For example, you might need to wager over or under on a 68.5 line that covers 10 combined games.

First period

Hockey games feature three periods that are each 20 minutes in length. The first period wager covers the puck line or moneyline after the first 20 minutes.

The puck line is typically +0.5/-0.5. Larger bookmakers may offer puck lines and moneylines for the second and third periods too.

Live betting

A live wager refers to a bet that’s available after a game starts—as opposed to before. These wagers crop up quickly and give gamblers limited time to choose a side.

Live wagers can involve anything from which player will score next to a modified moneyline based on the current score.

FAQs on Colorado NHL betting

What is Colorado’s minimum age for betting on hockey?

Colorado requires all gamblers to be at least 21 years of age. Sportsbooks must take precautions to ensure that they only serve of-age adults.

These precautions include requesting one’s birthdate during registration and also requiring extra identification before processing cash outs.

Why must gamblers be within state lines?

Colorado sports betting laws only cover its own boundaries. They don’t cover, for example, Utah or Arizona.

The Centennial State would run into legal problems with other states if they allowed such betting to take place. Therefore, they must take whatever measures are necessary to keep all sports gambling within state lines.

Geolocation is the main line of defense to ensuring that people only bet at Colorado sportsbooks when they’re within the relevant boundaries.

Are Colorado NHL betting bonuses available?

So far, every Colorado sportsbook offers a welcome bonus. These offers can include a free bet, free play, and/or deposit bonus.

Here’s a brief description of each:

  • Free bet – A free wager allows gamblers to win back losses from a losing bet.
  • Free play – This offer gives one a small sum (e.g. $20) to place bets with.
  • Deposit bonus – A bonus based on a match percentage (e.g. 100%) of one’s first deposit.

Each of these deals features terms and conditions that must be met before any money can be withdrawn. Rollover is an especially important term. It requires bettors to wager a multiple of the bonus (e.g. 6x).

When did hockey betting become legal in Colorado?

Colorado voters approved Proposition DD on Nov. 5, 2019. This approval allowed lawmakers to draft legislation for a legal sports betting market.

HB19-1327 creates the laws and regulations concerning this state’s sports gambling industry. It also gives the Colorado Division of Gaming (part of Department of Revenue) control over the market.

Are NHL betting apps available?

Yes. Over half of the Colorado betting sites feature an app for Android and/or iOS users. Availability depends upon each bookmaker’s take on the matter.

Most sportsbooks at least offer an app for Android. The latter is the world’s most-used mobile operating system and encompasses the majority of bettors.

Some also feature an iOS app. However, others have chosen to forget iPad/iPhone apps after Apple’s insistence that developers use the native iOS programming language.

Assuming a bookmaker doesn’t feature an Android or iOS app, then they’ll at least offer in-browser play. The latter sees gamblers place wagers through an internet browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome).