MLB Betting in Colorado

Colorado has had big league baseball ever since the Rockies began playing in 1993. Therefore, many people within the state are big fans of America’s pastime.

Now, they can legally place baseball wagers within the Centennial State. The Colorado MLB betting market is legal as of May 2019.

This guide discuses important aspects behind Colorado baseball gambling, including the top betting apps, geolocation, bonuses and more.

Best Colorado MLB betting sites

The state features a number of legal online bookmakers. The following list shows the top picks with regard to MLB gambling.

CasinoOnline BrandLaunch Date
Century CasinosCirca SportsMay 1, 2020
Saratoga CasinoBetfredMay 1, 2020
Double Eagle CasinoPointsBetMay 1, 2020
Full House ResortsWynn ResortsMay 1, 2020
Twin RiverDraftKingsMay 1, 2020

How to place MLB bets in Colorado

Colorado offers a simple process behind baseball wagering. As seen below, it also features standard laws that are seen in many other states:

1. At least 21 years old

The Colorado Division of Gaming (part of the Department of Revenue) has set forth various legal requirements for its betting market.

One of the biggest requirements involves bettors being at least 21 or older. Those who are younger are breaking the law when they place baseball wagers in Colorado.

2. Be in Colorado

MLB betting isn’t legal on a federal level. Instead, each state has the right to decide if it wants to allow gambling on baseball and other sports.

Colorado is one of many states that have chosen to legalize baseball wagering. However, its laws don’t cover other states.

That said, the Division of Gaming requires that all bets be placed within state lines. Each sportsbook uses geolocation technology to ensure that gamblers are within Colorado’s borders.

3. Complete Registration

All Colorado sports gambling sites require bettors to have a valid account. Gamblers can get started by selecting the sign-up prompt on a bookmaker’s homepage/app.

This action leads to an application process that should take only a few moments to complete. One needs to fill in the relevant fields (e.g. name, phone, email) and submit the application for approval.

Approval should come as long as everything checks out. One notable exception involves when people have placed themselves on the state’s gambling exclusion list.

4. Make a deposit

Depositing is the last step before placing baseball wagers in Colorado. One can use a variety of banking options, including a credit card, debit card, e-wallet and more.

Each operator requires a minimum deposit amount. Generally, gamblers can fund their account with as little as $10.

These deposit methods include:

  • Visa and Mastercard — These two card networks let bettors deposit with branded credit and debit cards.
  • E-check (ACH) — ACH allows for bank transfers to an online/mobile sportsbook.
  • E-wallet — The popular e-wallets Neteller, PayPal and Skrill are available in Colorado.
  • PayNearMe — This service, which is available at 7-Eleven, lets one use cash to buy a deposit voucher.
  • Prepaid card — Many Colorado bookmakers offer their own branded prepaid cards.

The withdrawal methods aren’t as abundant as the deposit options in Colorado. Bettors at least have a few different ways to receive funds, though, including ACH, (paper) check and e-wallets.

Colorado MLB betting apps

Mobile baseball betting is quite popular in the Centennial State. Here are the key points behind placing mobile wagers.

Compatible with Android and iPhone

Colorado betting sites can feature Android and/or iOS (iPhone and iPad) apps. If available, Android apps are found on a bookmaker’s website. Meanwhile, iPhone betting apps are available in the App Store.

Not all bookmakers feature apps

Some sports gambling operators choose not to offer an Android and/or iOS app. Reasons for the possible exclusions include:

  • Google Play doesn’t allow real-money gambling apps in the US version of its store.
  • Apple requires developers to code apps in its native iOS programming language.

Google Play may eventually change its policy on this matter. For the time being, though, it’s still excluding US-based betting apps.

Apple recently decided to force developers to use its native programming language. This change requires bookmakers to spend more on programming (versus the cheaper HTML).

In-browser betting

Sportsbooks that don’t offer apps always feature an alternative with in-browser gambling. The latter refers to placing bets through an internet browser, like Safari or Chrome.

In-browser wagering offers a similar experience to an app. The main difference, though, is that one needs to launch a browser every time before wagering.

Geolocation with Colorado betting apps

Again, the Division of Gaming requires that bettors be within state lines. It also forces sportsbooks to use geolocation to ensure that this law is followed. Gamblers who try wagering at Colorado sportsbooks from outside the state will receive a warning.

Available MLB bets in Colorado

The Colorado baseball betting market offers a wide selection of wagers. Here are the main bets that are available.

Run line

A run line is essentially baseball’s version of a point spread. It assigns each team a handicap of +/- 1.5 runs to help even out betting action on both sides of the line.

Here’s an example:

  • San Diego Padres +1.5 (-205)
  • Colorado Rockies -1.5 (+165)

San Diego must lose by one run or win outright for a successful bet. The Rockies need to win by two or more runs for a winning wager.

Needing the Rockies to win by two runs doesn’t sound appealing — even if they’re favored in this matchup. However, they’re also paying $165 for every $100 wagered.

The Padres offer a much easier path toward a win. The catch, though, is that they’re only paying $100 for every $205 risked.

Money line

A money line offers a simple concept –  one wins a bet as long as one’s chosen team wins. However, each side features different odds to spread out the gambling action.

Here’s an example:

  • Arizona Diamondbacks +115
  • San Francisco Giants -135

The underdog Diamondbacks offer $115 for every $100 wagered. Meanwhile, a winning bet on the Giants would pay $100 for every $135 risked.


Totals (aka over/under) revolve around the combined run total between two teams. A gambler needs to take “over” or “under” the given line.

Here’s an example:

  • St. Louis Cardinals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Over 8.5 (-105)
  • Under 8.5 (-115)

Those taking the over need St. Louis and Pittsburgh to combine for nine or more runs. They stand to win $100 for every $105 bet.

Gamblers taking the under need the Pirates and Cardinals to combine for eight runs or fewer. They can earn $100 for every $115 wagered.

Prop bets

A proposition bet involves an outcome that’s not dependent on which team wins. Here’s an example of an MLB prop bet:

  • Will a run be scored in the first inning?
  • Yes +105
  • No -125

First five innings

Sportsbooks offer the option to take any of the previously covered wagers for up to five innings. If one places a five-inning money line, for example, the result would depend upon the score after five innings.

Live betting

Live (aka in-play) wagering involves bets that become available once the game is underway. For instance, a sportsbook may update the run line after a hot start by the underdog.

Such bets and their accompanying odds are only available for a short time. Therefore, gamblers need to place live wagers quickly.

FAQs on Colorado MLB betting

Why does Colorado require MLB bettors to be located in the state?

Colorado sports gambling laws only cover its own boundaries. The state would run into legal dilemmas if it let people place bets from, say, Utah.

Online sportsbooks use geolocation to ensure that bettors are indeed within Colorado. Anybody who places wagers from outside the state will receive a warning.

What is the minimum bet for baseball games?

The minimum wager required for an MLB game differs based on the operator. Typically, though, one must risk at least $10 to place a qualifying MLB wager.

Is Colorado MLB betting safe?

Yes. The Colorado Division of Gaming oversees this sports wagering market. It thoroughly vets applicants and ensures that each operator upholds the standards.

Bookmakers must offer fair markets and avoid taking advantage of compulsive gamblers. The Division of Gaming provides links to helpful resources for the latter group.

Do Colorado sportsbooks offer MLB bonuses?

Every Colorado betting site offers some form of a welcome bonus. Each deal can include one or more of the following components:

  • No-deposit bonus — A bettor registers for an account and receives a small sum of sports gambling funds (e.g. $10).
  • Free bet — This offer gives one a chance to earn back (potential) losses on a first bet.
  • Match deposit bonus — A bonus that’s worth a match percentage of one’s deposit amount (e.g. 100% match up to $250).

All of these deals come with terms and conditions attached. Therefore, gamblers should always read the T&Cs before depositing and pursuing a bonus offer.

Are MLB betting apps available in Colorado?

Yes. Many Colorado MLB betting sites feature apps. The Android versions are available on bookmakers’ websites, while iOS versions are available on the App Store.

Any betting site that doesn’t offer an app will at least feature in-browser gambling. The latter is comparable to MLB apps — except that it takes place through an internet browser.