Live Sports Betting in Colorado

Live betting lets you bet while the sports event is happening in real time. Live betting sites let you bet on new point spreads, moneylines and prop bets each inning, quarter, period or any other way a sporting event may be divided.

Other sites go as far as letting you bet on something after every single play. It is a crazy time in the world of live betting, which is what makes it so exciting to bettors.

Live betting also gives you an advantage. As the game unfolds, you can get a good read on how teams or players are performing. Getting a feel for who’s hot and who’s cold will influence how you bet as the event unfolds.

Live sports betting gives you a chance to win the big bucks, but it also provides opportunities to lose big. Therefore, having a good understanding of the dynamics of live betting is essential.

Choose your betting sites wisely

You have a wide range of sportsbooks to choose from when betting live in CO. The design of a template can make or break your entire live betting experience. Make sure you are using only the most user-friendly sportsbooks that have spent time on making their design easy to use.

In the world of live betting, decisions need to be made at the speed of light, and every second counts. Moneylines are changing fast, and it is best if you are using a CO sportsbook that alerts you when a line is changing.

The layout needs to be organized well. Buttons used to place bets need to be spaced out so you don’t accidentally make a bet you didn’t mean to make.

A sportsbook that has a lousy layout is going to cost you valuable time, which in the end is going to cost you money. Do your research and talk to friends in the live betting community to see which ones they prefer using.

If you don’t do your homework and go into this all willy-nilly, then you might as well just start throwing hundred-dollar bills into a bonfire.

Have a plan of attack

When it comes to live betting, of course things are going to be changing fast, and you can only prepare so much. However, you can plan on what to do if certain scenarios present themselves. “If this happens, then I will do X, Y and Z.”

Let’s say that you only want to bet $100 on a football team you think will win. You could bet $50 before the game starts on your team, and then see how things are going. If your team scores first, you could use the other $50 to place a bet on a new spread that develops.

Planning for certain scenarios and seizing the opportunity when that scenario occurs is what smart live betting is all about.

Make sure you are watching the event you are betting on

There is another advantage you have when betting live. You are a human and can get a “feel” for what’s going on in a game or match that the computer won’t necessarily pick up on. You can’t get a lock on this “feel” if you aren’t watching the game or event that you are betting on.

If you aren’t fully focused on the game you are betting on live, then you are basically just going off numbers alone. If that be the case, then you can bet that the computer is going to beat you playing that game.

Also, make sure you don’t bet live on too many games that are going on simultaneously. This is a big no-no, and you can easily see why.

Different sports have different live bets

Of course different sports will have different live bets. These are just a few examples.


Moneylines and total runs are going to be your options for baseball in addition to live prop bets. Some of the most exciting prop bets in baseball are going to be bets on the performance of specific players.

You can bet on how many runs, stolen bases or home runs a player may get in a game. You can also bet on the number of runs scored in an inning. The possibilities for live prop bets in baseball are virtually endless.


The spread, moneyline, prop bets and total points make up the live bets you can make in football. There are also yes or no props such as if there will be overtime or not. You can also make live prop bets on what the next play is going to be. Will the team with the ball punt on fourth down or go for it?

Taking into account who will receive the kickoff in the second half of the game is something you want to pay attention to, as this will affect you betting the moneyline or spread live.


Live betting is already a fast-paced endeavor. Betting on basketball, however, takes this up a notch. Like football, you can bet live on the moneyline, spread and total points.

Betting live on team scoring racing as well as player scoring racing is extremely exciting in basketball. This is where studying individual players comes into play. That way you can prepare for a game between two specific high-scoring players in advance.


Tennis is a great live betting opportunity. That is because it is one player against another instead of teams playing each other. This in itself reduces variables immediately. You can bet live on the match winner and the set total in addition to prop bets.

Live prop betting for tennis includes exact set score and point betting. Tennis is a game you will need to follow super closely to make effective live bets.

Pros and cons of live betting

Live betting allows you to analyze what’s happening currently and capitalize on valuable moments. Endless possibilities of live bets are available for the hungry bettor.

However, the excitement of live betting can be overwhelming for some and could be considered more addictive than other forms of sports betting. So make sure you are managing your bankroll, sticking to games you will watch and doing your homework on the games you plan on betting on live.