Android Sports Betting Apps In Colorado

Even though Apple is a popular choice for mobile phones and devices, Android-powered devices still dominate the global market with over 70% market share. And sports bettors in Colorado who use Android mobile devices have plenty of options for placing bets.

Best Colorado Android betting apps

America’s two online/mobile sportsbook titans, DraftKings and FanDuel, have entered the Colorado market thanks to a partnership with casino operator Twin Rivers. Using licenses held by the Golden Gates, Golden Gulch and Mardi Gras casinos in Black Hawk, both DraftKings and FanDuel bring industry-leading Android apps that connect bettors to the best tech and odds out there today.

DraftKings already used its Android app to become the industry leader in Indiana and West Virginia, while FanDuel’s app holds the same status in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Other operators with Android apps in Colorado include William Hill, PointsBet, BetAmerica, BetFred and theScore Bet.*

*Editor’s note: These are based on licensing deals currently struck with local casinos, but whether the operators launch Android in CO remains to be seen.

How to access Android sportsbook apps

Suffice it to say, bettors have no shortage of Android sportsbook apps to choose from as Colorado enters a new era of legal wagering.

After researching which one works best for their betting needs, prospective players should begin by visiting that sportsbook operator’s website to get started. Because the Google Play Store doesn’t permit real money gambling apps at this time, the usual “app store” download process won’t work.

Instead, just access the sportsbook’s site using the mobile device’s web browser and navigate to the Android app download page. And for a shortcut there, simply use a search query such as “DraftKings Android App Download” or “FanDuel Android App in Colorado” to pull up the appropriate page.

From there, it only takes a few prompts and click-throughs to add top-tier Android sportsbook apps directly to any mobile device.

Signing up for a new Android sportsbook app account

Once you have successfully downloaded the app, the next step is to register your new real money sports betting account.

This process is designed to be painless and easy, so expect to input basic information like full name, age, physical address and a debit/credit card number for deposit purposes. Once the operator has confirmed that info to verify the account, an Android sportsbook app is ready to roll for real money betting.

How to deposit funds and place an Android wager

To build a starting bankroll on any Android sportsbook app, hit the “Banking” or “Deposit” page and enter the requested debit/credit card number, along with the card’s expiration date and three-digit security code.

Before clicking the “Deposit” button, always make sure that the dollar amount in question is accurate. Typos usually don’t hurt anybody, but when a $50 deposit suddenly becomes a $500 deduction, that kind of clerical error isn’t fun for all involved.

Many banks still block online/mobile gambling transactions, even in newly legalized jurisdictions like Colorado, so don’t worry if one card or another declines that first deposit attempt. Fortunately, calling the bank to confirm that the transaction isn’t fraudulent is usually good enough to get it in line.

For the most part though, major financial institutions like Visa and Mastercard have seen the proverbial light when it comes to legal sports betting, so most deposits will be completed without a hitch.

With an Android sportsbook account now funded and at the ready, it’s time to pull up the daily betting menu — one that comes complete with hundreds of sports, leagues and games running around the clock.

How do Android sports betting bonuses work?

One of the best parts about betting on sports using an Android app like DraftKings or FanDuel are the generous bonus offers used to welcome you into the fold.

For readers who might be unfamiliar with how online/mobile sportsbook bonuses work, here’s a quick refresher course. Operators want to build customer loyalty right off the bat, so they’re happy to boost your starting bankroll with “match bonuses” that add free money right to a new account. These funds are fully available across the app’s betting menu, and bettors can keep both the bonus money and any winnings collected from associated wagers.

When making that first deposit with an Android powered sportsbook app, check the “Promotions” or “Bonuses” page to find out what the site has in store.

One typical bonus plan from the DraftKings app offers new players a 20% match on their first deposit, up to $500 in total bonus funds. In other words, 20% of the first deposit amount is added on top to provide additional betting opportunities.

Thus, if you deposit $100 to start things off on the DraftKings app, you’ll see your starting bankroll sitting at $120 right from the jump. When the deposit is increased to $500, on the other hand, a 20% match of $100 brings the total bankroll to $600.

And to earn the full $500 in available bonus funds, just deposit $2,500 and watch the bankroll meter click up to $3,000 in total.

DraftKings also welcomes its new players aboard by offering a “First Bet Match” bonus of up to $500. Under this exciting promotion, you will see your very first wager essentially doubled on the house. So if you like the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche to win a big one at the Pepsi Center tonight, and want to bet $50 on the hometown hockey team, DraftKings will bump the action up to $100 by matching the amount.

And if you want to go for the gusto with a full $500 flier, the site will slide a free bet worth the same amount directly into the “Open Bets” tab.

Deposit bonuses and bet match offers like these have a few basic strings attached — bettors must place a certain number of wagers before withdrawing bonus funds, for example — so be sure to read the app’s “Terms and Conditions” page closely before proceeding.

FanDuel, William Hill, PointsBet and all the rest of Colorado’s new Android sportsbook apps each have their own bonus promotions on tap too, so don’t forget to comparison shop to find the best deals available on any given day.

Rules and regulations for Android sports betting apps

One of the first things bettors in newly regulated sports betting markets ask is how the online/mobile component really works.

After all, the internet is everywhere, and online commerce isn’t exactly confined by borders and state lines — so what’s to stop someone in neighboring New Mexico or Utah from taking advantage of the state’s innovation?

Well, thanks to highly accurate geolocation technology, every Android sportsbook app out there sends a signal to verify your physical location. Bettors can travel way out west to Grand Junction, head southbound to Pagosa Springs, or trek northward to Fort Collins — but as long as they remain within state lines, their sports betting app will remain up and running.

Cross the state line, however, and geolocation tech will let the operator know to reject any real money wagering transaction made from outside of Colorado.

Although residents of Colorado can’t use the new sports betting apps from out of state, anybody can visit the land of Rocky Mountain majesty to take advantage of the newly legal market. That means tourists passing through, or Colorado transplants living elsewhere who happen to be back home, can sign up for an Android app and place a few bets to spice up their trip.

And while watching a wager fall by the wayside is never an enjoyable experience, local bettors can take solace in knowing that their short-term loss produces significant long-term gains for Colorado’s precious natural resources

Courtesy of a 10% tax levied on operators’ gross revenue, legal sports betting is expected to generate $20 million in annual contributions to the state’s Water Implementation Cash Fund, which supports the wider Colorado Water Plan.

History of Colorado’s legal sports betting industry

Thanks to the decisive bipartisan action of state legislators, and the will of voters who turned out in the hundreds of thousands, Colorado became the latest state to legalize sports betting in 2019.

The effort kicked off last April, when state representative and House majority leader Alec Garnett (D-Denver) submitted House Bill 1327. Also known as “An Act to Authorize and Tax Sports Betting,” HB 1327 sought to regulate sportsbooks, those operated within brick and mortar casinos and via online/mobile apps, throughout the Centennial State.

Garnett’s bill quickly sailed through House and Senate votes by wide margins, followed by Gov. Jared Polis’ signature to make things official.

But because the bill called for taxing sportsbook operators, the Colorado state constitution required legal sports betting to be put on the November ballot for voter approval. Fortunately for sports betting enthusiasts statewide, the final tally for Proposition DD came in at 800,745 votes in favor to 756,712 votes against, providing a 51.4% to 48.6% margin of victory.

Just like that, Colorado became the 18th state to join Nevada in legalizing sports betting since May of 2018. That’s when the US Supreme Court repealed a federal ban on the industry outside of the Silver State, setting the stage for a new era of regulated sports betting in Colorado and beyond.

The lay of the land for Colorado sports betting

According to the state’s Division of Gaming (CDG), legal sportsbooks are scheduled to be up and running by May 1, with the licensing process already underway.

For locals, the physical sportsbook landscape will be confined to the 33 casinos already up and running in three mountain towns — Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek.

Those venues are also free to partner with major online/mobile sportsbook operators, which will power websites and apps that can be accessed from anywhere in the state. That means anybody who uses an Android mobile device will soon have several sportsbooks just a click away.

And as with any emerging industry, that also means plenty of folks in Colorado want to learn more about betting on sports through their Android powered smartphone or tablet. These bettors are in luck though, because most Colorado online sportsbooks will provide everything Android users need to know before getting in the game.

FAQs on Colorado Android sports betting

The legal gambling age for lotteries and bingo in Colorado is 18, but it’s 21 for casinos and horse racing, so how has sports betting been set up?

Because the sports betting industry will be operated under the auspices of licensed casinos, Colorado’s new law pegs the legal age for placing real money wagers at 21. That makes sense, too, given sportsbooks and horse racing tracks — which also use 21 as the cutoff age — follow very similar business models.

I’m not really into Android devices myself, and prefer to use Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices instead, so does that mean I’m out of luck here?

Not at all, as any major online/mobile sportsbook app relies on dual integration with the Android and iOS operating systems. This page happens to focus solely on Android sportsbook apps, but head here to learn all about Colorado’s budding iOS sportsbook app marketplace.

What about people who don’t live near the mountain casinos in Black Hawk, Central City and Cripple Creek, are they still able to access these Android sportsbook apps?

Yep, thanks to the insight of lawmakers like Garnett who crafted Colorado’s sports betting law. Rather than use the inefficient model of “in-person” registration like Iowa and Rhode Island — where bettors must sign up for the online/mobile app by visiting a physical sportsbook location — Garnett scrapped that idea.

So just like anybody who is of legal age can place bets from anywhere within the state, bettors anywhere in Colorado can sign up for Android sportsbook apps from the comfort of home.