Colorado Sports Betting Apps

Colorado has joined a number of other states in legalizing sports betting. Voters passed Proposition DD on Nov. 5, 2019, giving way to legal and regulated sports gambling.

Of course, bettors still have questions about the newly formed market, especially when it comes to mobile sports betting apps.

This guide covers what to expect from Colorado betting apps in terms of getting started, banking bonuses, and available wagers. It also discusses legal aspects and FAQs on the matter.

Best Colorado betting apps

The Centennial State offers a variety of mobile betting apps. Below are the top-rated mobile bookmakers in the state:

How to place mobile sports bets in Colorado

Colorado mobile sportsbooks have made it easy for bettors to get started. However, some feature different startup processes than others.

For example, certain operators don’t offer apps. Instead, they require mobile gamblers to visit their websites and place in-browser wagers.

These differences can be tricky for new smartphone bettors. The following information clears up how to begin placing wagers in each scenario.

App or website?

The first distinction between CO mobile sportsbooks comes when figuring out if they feature apps or in-browser gambling. Additionally, some operators have Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad) apps while others only have one type.

The best way to handle this involves visiting a Colorado online sportsbook through a smartphone or tablet. The website should immediately give a clear indication on whether an app is needed.

Colorado Android & iOS betting apps

CO bookmakers are only compatible with Android and/or iOS devices. Each type requires a unique download process.

Google Play doesn’t allow gambling apps. Therefore, Colorado Android betting apps are only available on bookmakers’ websites.

Apple does allow gambling products as long as apps use the native iOS programming language. Any sportsbooks that comply can list their products in the App Store.

In-browser sports betting

Some operators have chosen not to comply with Apple’s demands for native iOS programming. After all, this route is more expensive than coding apps in HTML.

That said, several CO bookmakers feature in-browser betting for iPhone and iPad users. In this case, you visit the relevant online sportsbook, register for an account and do everything through the website.

Colorado bookmakers may also offer in-browser gambling to Android users. However, they do so more often with iOS bettors.

Account registration

Every CO online sportsbook requires users to register for an account before placing real money bets. An app download may be necessary before this process can start.

Registration involves filling in requested fields and submitting the account for approval. Here are examples of information that must be submitted:

  • Full name
  • Birth date
  • Residence
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Username
  • Password
  • Last four digits of Social Security number

The Colorado Division of Gaming requires that sportsbooks obtain this info. That said, the bookmakers aren’t just trying to obtain data on users through the registration process.

Depositing with Colorado sports betting apps

The Centennial State features a legal online sports gambling market. Therefore, many reputable financial institutions serve mobile gamblers.

You have more than enough options when placing deposits. Here are the available methods for funding an account:

  • ACH (e-check): An e-check sends funds directly from a bank to the mobile betting site/app.
  • Credit card: Many sportsbooks accept Visa and Mastercard. Some also take Discover and American Express.
  • E-wallet: This service sends money from the e-wallet (e.g. PayPal, Neteller) to a sportsbook.
  • PayNearMe: This option lets you visit a local 7-Eleven and buy a deposit voucher with cash.
  • Prepaid card: Some bookmakers issue branded Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards.

Withdrawing funds

Colorado mobile bookmakers require identification before releasing withdrawals. You must provide this extra identification in the form of a photo ID.

Once the ID has been confirmed, you can withdraw money through one of the following methods:

  • ACH (e-check): An e-check can also transfer funds from the sportsbook to a bank account.
  • Check: A paper check is the slowest method of cashing out. However, it’s still a viable option.
  • E-wallet: Neteller, PayPal and Skrill accounts can accept money from online bookmakers.

What types of mobile bets are available in Colorado?

The Colorado betting market offers a wide range of wagers. This variety appeases experienced gamblers who crave more options.

However, it can also be confusing to beginning bettors. Those who are new to sports wagering should first learn the following bet types.


A moneyline bet is a straight-up bet on which team/outcome will win. The favorites and underdogs are handicapped to help even out the action.

Here’s an example:

  • Denver Nuggets -140 (bet $140 to win $100)
  • Portland Trail Blazers +115 (bet $100 to win $115)

Point spread

A point spread gives points to the underdog and takes them away from the favorite. You normally risk $110 to win $100 (-110 odds) on either side.

Here’s a point spread example:

  • Denver Broncos -6.5 (-110) — Broncos must win by 7 points or more
  • Oakland Raiders +6.5 (-110) — Raiders must lose by 6 points or fewer


An over/under (aka total) revolves around the score that two teams combine for in a match. Here’s an example:

  • University of Colorado vs. Iowa State University (basketball)
  • Over 136.5 points
  • Under 136.5 points

Prop bets

A proposition (“prop”) wager involves an outcome that’s not directly associated with the game’s final score. For example, a prop bet may be based on the leading rusher in a football game.

In-game wagering

In-game (aka live) betting includes wagers that become available after a match has started. These live bets can include anything from an adjusted moneyline to which baseball team will hit the next home run.


A parlay combines several outcomes into one bet. You can put two or more outcomes onto your parlay.

The more selections involved, the higher the payout. However, the bet is lost if just one of the outcomes loses.


A teaser is essentially a parlay wager that allows you to adjust point spreads. Teaser payouts are lower, but they also give bettors flexibility when the adjusted point spreads are accounted for.

Legality of mobile betting in Colorado

Voters approved Proposition DD by a slim 51.4% to 48.6% margin. This approval paved the way for politicians to draft HB 19-1327.

This bill sets forth the requirements for the Colorado sports gambling market. Here are some notable aspects of HB 19-1327:

  • Mobile/online sports betting is allowed.
  • All bettors must be 21 or older.
  • Real money bets can only be placed within state boundaries.
  • Bookmakers pay a 10% tax rate to the government (funds go to the Colorado Water Plan).

The location aspect is relevant to all states with legal sports betting so far. After all, sports wagering isn’t legal on a federal basis.

Colorado requires mobile sportsbooks to use geolocation technology to determine gamblers’ whereabouts. This requirement keeps CO in line with federal procedures and from infringing on surrounding states’ laws.

Can bets be made in Colorado without an app?

Land-based sportsbooks are available in different Colorado cities. By law, all bookmakers must be located in Black Hawk, Central City or Cripple Creek.

Going further, only licensed gambling operators in these cities can run a brick-and-mortar sportsbook. Colorado has 33 casinos in all.

However, not all of these casinos are big enough and/or interested in offering sports gambling. Some will merely stick with casino gaming.

Colorado sports betting bonuses

Each CO mobile sportsbook offers a bonus to entice new customers. Such deals include deposit bonuses and/or free bets.

Depending upon the site, you may also receive VIP rewards. Here’s more on the bonuses and loyalty benefits.

Match deposit bonus

Match bonuses are often included in welcome offers. They see you receive a match percentage bonus based on your deposit size.

Here’s an example:

  • A bookmaker is offering a 100% match bonus worth up to $200.
  • You deposit $100.
  • You now qualify for a $100 bonus.

Free bet

A free bet allows you to earn back losses if you lose your first wager. Therefore, you must lose the bet to get the bonus.

Here’s an example:

  • A sportsbook offers a free $25 bet upon deposit.
  • You deposit, and your first wager loses to the tune of $25.
  • You can earn the $25 back by meeting terms and conditions.

VIP program

Some mobile sportsbooks in Colorado offer loyalty programs. A VIP scheme gives you the opportunity to earn extra money through your wagers.

The programs revolve around earning loyalty points. The points can later be exchanged for cash back and/or free bets.

Certain loyalty schemes may also include deposit bonuses. The latter provides an opportunity to make additional money beyond the welcome deal.

Terms and conditions

Every online sportsbook offer features terms and conditions. All terms must be met before a bonus can be cashed out.

You should thoroughly read the T&Cs before pursuing any bonus deals. The following T&Cs are especially relevant:

  • Rollover: A multiple of the bonus amount must be wagered (e.g. 5x the bonus).
  • Rollover timeframe: You are only given so long (e.g. 60 days) to meet rollover.
  • Max bet: You can’t exceed a certain bet size (e.g. $100) when satisfying rollover.
  • Bonus code: Many sportsbooks require that a bonus code be entered during registration.
  • Market restrictions: Certain bets are only available for specific markets (e.g. NFL).
  • Odds restrictions: This stipulation prevents you from betting on heavy favorites just to meet rollover.

Here’s an example on satisfying the T&Cs behind a Colorado betting bonus:

  • $25 free bet.
  • The wager must be used on an NBA game.
  • Free bets must be placed at -135 odds or higher
  • You must lose the first $25 wager.
  • Rollover is 5x.
  • 25 x 5 = $125 must be wagered

FAQs on Colorado sports betting apps

Is mobile betting legal in Colorado?

Colorado voters approved sports betting on Nov. 5 through Proposition DD. Legislators have since drafted HB 19-1327 to govern the market.

The Colorado Division of Gaming oversees the state’s bookmakers. It vets each applicant and issues licenses accordingly.

Is DraftKings legal in Colorado?

Yes. As of May 1, online/mobile bookmakers like DraftKings are accepted in the Centennial State. FanDuel is another popular online sportsbook that operates in Colorado.

What sets Colorado sports betting apart from other states?

Unlike some states, Colorado didn’t legalize online casino games and poker along with sports betting. Proponents didn’t feel that it was wise to add these types of gambling on Proposition DD at the time.

Colorado also doesn’t limit the maximum bet at sportsbooks. Instead, each operator is free to choose its own betting limits.

This aspect is strange when considering that CO casinos can only accept up to $100 wagers. Apparently, politicians feel that sportsbooks shouldn’t be bridled by such a small max bet.

The state also features an interesting licensing system. Operators can go for a “master,” “internet sports betting operator” or “sports betting” license.

Colorado imposes a relatively low tax rate on bookmakers as compared to other states with higher rates, like Pennsylvania (36%). Sportsbooks pay 10% on the juice they collect from bettors.

Is it possible to be a professional sports bettor in Colorado?

The Centennial State is already proving to be one of the friendliest spots for professionals. The absent maximum betting limit leaves the potential for big profits.

Of course, operators can limit the max wager to reduce the chances that they’ll be taken advantage of by professionals. Again, though, this market still has potential.

What is the minimum betting age in Colorado?

All sports bettors must be at least 21, which is similar to other states. Anybody who places wagers under this age is breaking Colorado laws.

Does Colorado offer the “cash out” feature?

The cash-out option gives you the chance to be paid for a bet before the outcome is decided. You can strategically use it to minimize losses or lock in profits.

All CO bookmakers have the chance to offer cash-outs. Whether they take advantage of this opportunity is entirely up to them.

So far, a few mobile sportsbooks boast the cash-out feature. Those that don’t already may add this option in the future.